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1Non Linear Bilinear Type Models to Forecast Critical Dry Spell Lengths in Anamaduwa, Sri Lanka
S C Mathugama and T S G Peiris
2Genetic Variability Induction through Gamma Irradiation in Ox-Eye Daisy (Leucanthemum Vulgare Lam.) And Their Genetic Relationship
Manish Kapoor
3The Effect of Bifidobacterium Breve and Lactobacillus Salivarius on the Isoepoxydon Dehydrogenase (Idh) Gene Expression Involved in Patulin Biosynthesis Produced by Penicillium Expansum
Batool. Z. Ali, Sumaiya N. Hawar, Sahar S. Karieb
4Intellectual Capital and Staff Performance in Islamic Azad University, Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch, Tehran, Iran
Mohammad Reza Jafarzadeh, Reza Khangholi, Rahim Ahmadi
5Accumulation Pattern of Po-210 in Anadara Granosa Collected from a Coal Burning Power Plant Area
Lubna Alam, Che Abd Rahim Mohamed and Mazlin Mokhtar
6Identification of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Associated Proteins by Proteomics and Loss of Beta Tropomyosin Expression in Esophageal Cancer
Zahra Najafi
7Antimetastasis Effects of Scrophularia striata Extract on Colon Cancer Cells
Rahim Ahmadi, Mahya Daustany, Masoomeh Abniki
8The Effects of Scrophularia striata Extract on HEK Cell Line in Cell Culture
Rahim Ahmadi, Masoum Abniki, Mahya Daustay, Fatemeh Farahmand
9Is Normal Kidney Cells Viability Influenced by Estradiol Valerate Administration in Cell Culture?
Rahim Ahmadi, Minoo Erfani, Mojgan Karimi
10The Effects of Frangula Alnus miller on HEK Cells in Cell culture
Roya Azadkhah, Morteza Sagharjoghi Farahani
11Cytotoxic Effects of Diclofenac on Cervical Cancer Cells in Cell Culture
Rahim Ahmadi, Bahare Seyed Hosseini, Leyla Ghaderi
12Aspirin and Cervical Cancer
Rahim Ahmadi, Pariya Khodabakhsh, Gravand F
13The Cytotoxic Effects of Progesterone on HEK Cell line in Cell Culture
Rahim Ahmadi, Sara Eghbalnyia, Mojgan Shabani
14Does Progesterone Influence Hela Cell Proliferation?
Rahim Ahmadi, Zohreh Haghri, Mojgan Shabani
15The Effects of Low Frequency Ultrasound on Serum Levels of Testosterone in Male Rats
Rahim Ahmadi, Siavash Soheili, Karam Ali Guilaneh
16Study of the Protective Effect of English pea (Pissum Sativum L) Seed Hydroethanolic Extract on Red Blood Cell Membrane Stability in Blood Samples Exposed to Sulfasalazine
Rahim Ahmadi, Fatemeh Barati Targhi, Shahin Seyfi
17The Effects of Co-administration of Frangula alnus and Rhamnus frangula Extract on Breast Cancer Cells in Cell Culture
Rahim Ahmadi, Forough Hatami, Majid Molseghi